Once you are in stable condition, you will be discharged. If you received anesthesia, it is normal to experience some sleepiness and/or dizziness for 12 to 24 hours after your surgery.

Post Care: You will receive verbal and written post surgical care instructions (please follow these instructions). Your escort must be available to discuss these instructions before you will be allowed to go home. If you experience anything unusual after your surgery, please call your surgeon or go to the nearest emergency room. A nurse from our center will call you the next day after your surgery to check on your recovery.

Transportation: DO NOT PLAN TO DRIVE yourself home or use public transportation after your procedure. Someone MUST stay with you for 24 hours.

Post Operative and Pain Relief

The management of your pain is of great importance to us. We will be assessing your level of pain from the time of admission until you receive our postoperative call at home about post surgery care. We need to inform and prepare you for each step of the process. This education will begin with our first contact. You will be repeatedly asked to rate your pain from a numerical scale called the Visual Analog Pain Scale, or for children, the Faces Pain Scale. Using the results of our communication we will alter the therapy as needed in order to assure your comfort.

The management of your pain will be taken very seriously. We will often use a combination of different modalities to help make you comfortable, choosing from oral medications, intravenous medications, nerve blocks, injection of local anesthetic during the surgery, etc. and prior to the surgery, the management of your pain should be discussed with both your anesthesia provider and surgeon. Please feel free to bring up any concerns or fears you may have. Remember that information on pain management gives you the appropriate expectations and hence a smoother, more comfortable recovery.


You will receive a surgical survey to complete rating your service at Aestique Surgery Center.  These surveys help us assess our processes and aid in our continual improvement.  Kindly complete this and return it at your very earliest convenience.

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